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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1220 – What An Unforgiving Woman temporary second
“Su Wan, you’re complete, you are finished. It is ridiculously costly.”
The production supervisor thought to themself, How impressive. That they had begun begging for forgiveness with only that.
Gu Jingyu journeyed out and inquired, “What will you be folks performing?”
“Jingyu… this slight actress broke our Chinese porcelain vase.”
Lin Che said bluntly, “We never want them nowadays. You can just fork out us the commensurate reimbursement.”
“This is a Chinese ceramic vase. It was actually so hard to use.”
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That they had been trapped in a scam.
Following getting moved aside, as ill-fortune would have it, Su Wan collided into the prop.
Gu Jingyu moved out and asked, “What do you find yourself guys undertaking?”
Once anyone shouted this, Gu Jingyu experienced already went out.
“We… Dvd Queen Gu, we cannot achieve that. We should instead motion picture also. You fellas are occupying our s.p.a.ce. We…”

How could there be something counterfeit in Gu Jingyu’s residence?
“I can not believe that what is occurring external either. I became practically for getting anyone to go and discover.”
Ignore a number of million cash. She could not actually pay out ten thousand money right now.

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“This is usually a collector’s product. It is said to be value some million bucks. Now that you’ve cracked it, you will be forced to pay not only a few million money in reimbursement.”
Everybody viewed each other well in astonishment. They had even planned to kick the bucket sooner but did not expect to have this kind of big plan twist to appear so abruptly.
Just then…
“Eh.” At this time, Lin Che approached from behind and investigated them. “You got them away at will and you are adding them back again at will. Exactly what do you are taking us for?”
They immediately believed a sense of heaviness on the figures.
Neglect some million money. She could not actually pay off ten thousand money today.
“Oh no…”
Clenching her the teeth, Su Wan considered to herself that this was all Gu Jingyu’s mistake. After she possessed returned the same day just before, they had commenced acting weirdly. When she refused to share it, they began to resent her substantially more.
On experiencing Su Wan position there and enjoying, a person pretended to fall season, stumbling over to her and immediately pus.h.i.+ng her aside.
“Gu Jingyu will be here.”
“Eh, don’t. Sister Che. We’ll admit that individuals ended up bad. Isn’t that enough?”
“We’re occupying your s.p.a.ce? Great. Proceed to switch our stuff right this moment. I’ll see who dares to advance our stuff. We will give up those activities then. Take away all of these issues and you will must make up us precisely the exact. But I’m telling you, our props are definitely distinct from your styrofoam types. Most of these come from my home and some of them had been borrowed. Every one of them will probably be worth some million dollars. You males choose where to start.”
Immediately after remaining moved apart, as sick-good luck will have it, Su Wan collided in to the prop.
“Good lord. Not surprisingly, we wouldn’t dare to. How could we? We plead with you two to allow us off. We’re just insignificant people today. We must receive an income to give our young families.”
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“Sister Che, you can not bully us like this, appropriate? We merely touched them. We didn’t even damage them.”
Primarily, they had thought that it becomes easy to bully Lin Che right here as she was only women. Yet they did not expect…
As opposed to the envy that lots of people believed, she actually did not like remaining envious of many others due to the fact she possessed always felt that men and women could boost and succeed only through their particular working hard.
Observing this, the development administrator within this element of the set up simply let out a weep of alert.
“Eh, do not. Sibling Che. We’ll acknowledge which we were completely wrong. Isn’t that sufficient?”
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Very quickly, they gathered about and investigated Su Wan while speaking about amongst theirselves.
They immediately sensed feelings of heaviness on his or her body systems.