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Chapter 1104 – Kicking Again hammer closed
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During the arena, Zhou Wen withstood in midair almost like an invisible compel was resisting the distorted push within the area. Regardless of how a lot the drive within the industry changed, it did not strike Zhou Wen out from the field.
Having said that, Zhou Wen’s Tire of Destiny was engraved with the Heaven-Launching Scripture of the Greatest Elder. Its potential enjoyed its role, enabling Zhou Wen to sense the bizarre power.
Inside the arena, Zhou Wen withstood in midair as though an undetectable drive was fighting off the altered pressure within the industry. Irrespective of how a great deal the compel from the area evolved, it failed to kick Zhou Wen away from the industry.
“Screw you. Once more.”
Having said that, this wasn’t the primary reason for Zhou Wen’s amaze. What truly surprised him was which the Immortal Culling Sword that Zhou Wen possessed held beside him hadn’t reacted earlier, when he used Immortal Slaying, the Immortal Culling Sword experienced reacted.
Having said that, Di Tian stood up. As being the hold of the cube combat, immediately after getting the consent in the a variety of backrounds, he could turn on the cube’s policies and strike Zhou Wen out.
With the look of the sutra token, the indicate on the Wheel of Fate which should have vanished in the short period of time didn’t vanish for an extended time. It continued to be in the Wheel of Destiny.
Nonetheless, he didn’t immediately visit the cube. Instead, he summoned a warrior through the Celestial G.o.ds and inquired, “How’s the improvement on the Physique Purifying Rock?”
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Everyone’s expression transformed from impact to relaxing delight, then to outrageous joy. Right after a time of silence, cheers resounded in to the atmosphere.
The “Human” phrase in 1st place was gradually disappearing.

“We’ve already received it. We are escorting it back,” the warrior clarified.
The full Heaven-Opening up Scripture emitted scorching vitality. What was completely different from before was whenever the taboo strength the Paradise-Launching Scripture could hold up against exceeded its confines, it is going to spread out and become borne by Zhou Wen’s physique.
On the other hand, this procedure of kicking wasn’t a correct approach. Di Tian had to personally appear in front of the cube before he could change the principles and kick Zhou Wen out.
Let Me Game in Peace
This point, nothing individuals transpired. The force didn’t radiate. As an alternative, it gradually condensed on the web site of the Heaven-Cracking open Scripture from the Top Elder, developing a sutra icon.
The “Human” concept in very first put was gradually disappearing.
The originally noisy field immediately fell calm, making merely the sounds from the heads and corpses with the six Mythical Guardians slipping to the ground.
This point, nothing such as that happened. The vitality didn’t radiate. As a substitute, it gradually condensed around the web page on the Paradise-Opening Scripture of your Highest Elder, making a sutra token.
“What an excellent move. Thank goodness, he’s only at the Mythical step. If he were definitely on the Terror quality, even Our blood Shaman probably wouldn’t have been able to escape loss of life.” The female carried on in surprise, “Once Blood vessels Shaman is conquered, who can suit him?”
However, Zhou Wen’s Tire of Destiny had been engraved using the Heaven-Launching Scripture on the Highest Elder. Its power played out its job, making it possible for Zhou Wen to good sense the peculiar electrical power.

“Get the crooks to mail your system Detoxification Natural stone straight to the cube.” As Di Tian spoke, he went to the cube.
From the arena, Zhou Wen stood in midair almost like an hidden power was resisting the distorted compel in the market. No matter how much the push during the industry evolved, it failed to kick Zhou Wen from the industry.
Let Me Game in Peace
Di Tian mentioned coldly, “They know exceptionally well that this Dimensional Tire will never land at the disposal of humans. That affect just now was the key reason they made the decision so easily.”
And ahead of the cubes world wide, it was subsequently even less noisy compared to the arena.
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However, this wasn’t the main reason for Zhou Wen’s shock. What truly astonished him was the fact that Immortal Culling Sword that Zhou Wen experienced held beside him hadn’t reacted earlier, however, when he used Immortal Slaying, the Immortal Culling Sword had reacted.