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The Bloodline System

NovelThe Bloodline SystemThe Bloodline System
Chapter 211 – A Little Revelation preserve lick
Angy believed the weight raise once again, driving her physique downwards slightly. Her feet bent a little a result of the development of weight. Still, Angy slowly started off driving upwards once more.
[Mixture has been stimulated]
The exclusive type individuals had been teaching below as they were taken to the tower one week earlier. So, they had already undergone these levels as part of their teaching. The teenagers in whitened uniforms saw that Gustav acquired just practically carried out the Unattainable.
The foot of the big cylindrical-like large construction was soft.
“Nope, he fought without this once more,” Teemee addressed while looking at the surface which has a look of suspicion.
“Overall Degree Of Excess weight, ‘12000 POUNDS’.”
-“What on the globe..?”
A floor restructured itself in front once again, as well as a big board protruded from the ground.
-“Why did it appear like he was faster than prior to?”
‘I need to disclose a small amount listed here… I assume it’s that time, eh?’ Gustav breathed in when he appeared while watching table.
Anecdotes for Boys
Angy managed as advised, and she was instructed to put together herself to lift up the weight.
“Delivering 3000 Kilos!”
Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
“What could have been his report if he had created use of it?” Glade’s sound taken place to be noticed by other folks nearby them, and this also took over as the subsequent topic of topic.
-“Why did it seem like he was faster than before?”

On Gustav’s element of the monitor, his report was finally shown.
The robotic speech introduced.
The foot of the big cylindrical-like large framework was steady.
-“He g..ot a… 9.9..?”
The automatic speech reported.
Angy does as instructed, and she was advised to organize herself to elevate the weight.
Gustav stared at his score and nodded slightly.
“Just what is his bloodline ability?”
the big trip up yonder answers
-“Oh yeah my goodness, wasn’t the very best thus far, an 8.8, and also that was during episode potential, not overcome capabilities,”
[Bloodwolf improvement + Bull change]
“Full Number Of Bodyweight, ‘12000 POUNDS’.”